About Us

QUALPHARMA is the leading pharma consultancy which is playing a pivotal role in the world of pharmaceuticals. QualPharma is working with its sister concern Pharma Consultants and Inventors which has provided an excellent track record on research formulations and patented products since 2005. The company is established on the core values of quality, reliability & integrity. Our corporate office is at Ahmedabad,Jaipur and New Delhi.

We are a well-qualified, energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic team of technocrats with experience in National and Multi-National Pharma Companies and awarded by many Patents.

We have help our clients’ to stay current with the changing regulatory environment, cGMP practices, Brand image, New Product development,Product Patent, Visual aids, Literature and Training to field staff, preparing Marketing strategy, Dossier for Export, Promotional Support.for International Marketing etc. This helps our clients to raise their Quality Standards significantly, and thus making us a ONE DOOR SOLUTION company for preventing and resolving compliance problems and to develop efficient and effective strategies for the Team working in the Organization. We have never compromised on the quality and services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customer happy and providing them with products at very competent prices.